Fish products

You do not have to live close to a fishing harbour in order to be able to enjoy the richness of marine fisheries. It is possible to enjoy seafood in every part of Poland.
According to recent surveys, 47 % of Poles declare to eat fish in different forms.

The offer of fish products of Hur-Pol is a response to a growing demand of consumers for processed seafood. Our vast product range is based on fish in different forms such as: marinated, fried, in vinegar marinade and salted. Pelagic fish such as herring and mackerel play a key role in our structure of processed products as a raw material for the manufacture of marinates and salted products. We do not manufacture fish derivatives.

We assume that appropriate quality standards in creating products are not only ensured by high-class raw materials. We carefully choose appropriate spices for fish products. A number of appropriate ingredients support our care for the flavour and look of fish. Additions made in our kitchen are important in case of processed products.
We develop our manufacturing capacity with the application of the newest technology. We improve manufacturing and packaging procedures. Distribution of fish products without the loss of their quality is possible thanks to our own fleet of refrigerated trucks.

Herring fillets a’la Matjas

Kashubian-style herring fillets - rolmops (rolled herring)

Rural herring fillets - rolmops (rolled herring)

Rural herring fillets

Fried herring fillets

Fried mackerel fillets

Marinated flaps of herring

Fried carcass of mackerel

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