Smoked fish

Let us convince you to include fish in your daily diet.
Nutritionists, experts on healthy lifestyle and scientists vie with one another to list advantages connected with the presence of fish in a daily diet. The common saying 'I am as healthy as a fish' should really be 'I am healthy because I eat fish.'.
Omega-3 acids are responsible for a positive influence of fish on the human body. It has been effectively scientifically proved that the consumption of omega-3 acids is good for cardiovascular health and it regulates the level of "bad" cholesterol in blood. All parents should be interested in the fact that omega-3 acids facilitate the process of learning and remembering.

Can smoked fish be the source of omega-3 acids?
Yes, they definitely can! Sea fish provide the largest amount of omega-3 acids: mackerel, salmon and sardine. It is important that when we choose smoked fish, we are not deprived of nutritional substances recommended by nutritionists. Experts on healthy eating confirm the fact that smoked fish contain nutritious protein. It is one of the basic components of our diet. There are over 60 per cent of omega-3 acids in the smoked fish in comparison with the fish before processing. For example, a smoked mackerel contains over 15 grams of fatty acids.

Is smoked fish safe for our health?
Our company Hur-Pol is aware that the description of the smoking process can raise some doubts. However, it is worth remembering the fact that smoking is known as one of the oldest ways of conserving fish. High temperature destroys bacteria and the smoke is responsible for slight drying of meat. The result is a characteristic colour in the shade of gold and brown. We would like to reassure you that smoked fish is not hazardous to our health. We take care of the production process and the smoking hygiene. We not only care for the flavour in our company. Our products are completely safe for our Clients' health. Our Clients can be sure of high quality of our products.

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